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Caldecotte Local Play 1. Caldecotte Neighbourhood Play.
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Front elevation, click to view play area in use. Near the site of some ancient Roman kilns, this scheme uses a replica of a Roman kiln as it's centre piece. Community artist Bill Billings was commissioned to sculpt the kiln in concrete. View from top of Kiln, click to view play area in use.
View from within Kiln, click to view play area in use.
The traditional kiln took the form of a clay 'igloo' (flu to one side, hole at the top acting as a chimney). These would have been built on-site around the craftsman's clay-ware, over a slow burning fire.
Once the pots were fired the kiln had to be broken in order to retrieve the contents.

© Justin Tunley . Narrow Boat Teasel . T: 07905 822 381

Hardworks by Martin's Plant,Deanshanger.
Commissioned by Milton Keynes Development Corporation.
designed with Landscape Town & Country Ltd.

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Play area in use.
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