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Electronic Wallet. Spot light.
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short-listed Entry in a National Competition to Design A reception desk for Leicester's International Youth House Project.
The brief was to design a unit capable of absorbing A number of functions such as cash handling, storage, information dissemination etc.

Rather than building a single fixed unit a series of 'trees', in pre-drilled rolled steel section, were devised. Various elements (shelves working surfaces etc.) from various sources could then be added, allowing a blaze of diversity within a relatively small space.
Over the years these unit could mutate as the client's needs change, but the central columns would remain intact.

Steel frame of rolled sections.

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Sketch of working counter. Sketch of display unit. Sketch of storage unit.
Counters computers, lighting etc may be arranged at various heights, be moved, added to or removed. Drawers, Key dispensers, pockets & shelves are built around vertical columns which may run on castors allowing the user to position artifacts around them. Back lit posters, V.D.Us, speakers, banners etc may be positioned to catch the public's attention.

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