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Appartment   Space saving design.
Ball Funnel   A piece of children's play equipment.
'Beanie' light   Directional mini- light in the form of a rubber beanbag.
Cellnet masts.   A study looking into the design of comunications masts.
Chair.   Easy chair, with fold out tables.
Clothes line.   Sketch proposals to an everyday object.
Concept car.   Very quick and sketchey concept for a passanger vehicle of the near future.
Crystal egg.   Communicationsoncept.
Dalsouple wallet   Electronic accessory
Door Handle   Semi-locking door handle
Fanlight   Competition entry to combine a fan with a light.
'Hydropod'   Hyproponic Planters for urban dwellings.
Letter Box.   Mail dropping point for a commercial building.
L.I.P.A   Shortlisted competition entry to design a box office for Liverpool's Institue for Performing Arts..
Light Scales   Lighting system using Organic LEDs.
Microbike.   An ultracompact recumbent cycle, intended for short journeys between other nodes of transport.
Micro-Wheel.   An ultracompact peddle- scooter, intended for short journeys between other nodes of transport.
Mobile Box Office.   Portable box office for use in multiple venues.
Outdoor work space.   A workspace for the private garden.
Partition   A flexible system for enclosing internal spaces.
Planters   Hydroponic plant pots.
Public Workspace   Street furniture as a workspace.
Radio case.   Customisable cladding for the portable radio.
Reception desk.   A shortlisted entry in a national competition to design a reception desk for Leicester's International Youth House Project.
Screen   Rubber faced office screens.
Sylvania   Competition entry.
System Built Summerhouses.   A lightweight construction system using glass reinforced cement.
Ticket vending machine.   Sketch proposals for a unit to be arranged in a number of different configurations.
Urban Cycle.   Concept design.
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