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A collection of mortar based peices are to serve the practical & aesthetic functions of growing fresh herbs for the table.

Although the central motife is a simple sphere (chosen as it gives the optimum ratio of volume to surface area), there are numerous variations in size, all capable of 'nesting' with their neighbours, allowing an organic system of planters to evolve, adapting to the user's needs & wishes. Each individual planter consists of a spherical root-ball chamber, open at one end, nesting in a resevoir of nuetriant solution. Free to rotate in all directions, individual plants may be re-orientated to suite their settings. Feed tubes move the solution around groups of planters, either my simple capilary action, or from a resevoir, via an electronically controled pump, greatly simplifying day to day maintanance.

Plan view of hydroponic planters.
Key to this design is the belief that we all value individuality & love to express this through our immediate surroundings. To this end the aim is endless variety through apparent chaos. Various mixes of staining agents are coarsley mixed, to create random patterns. If all goes to plan no two pieces can be identical. To act as a foil to the fractal, & to provide tactile texture, rindges are moulded on the surface. These riges may be partially wiped back to base colour during the staining process, and have a secondary function in helping to hold individual plants in position.
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