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Ultra compact cycle. Electronic wallet.
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The Client (a software company specialising in systems for the theatre industry) wanted a machine for dispensing tickets which had been pre-purchased by credit card.

This machine would have to incorporate a variety of internal components (printers, V.D.Us, computers etc) to suit the individual needs of individual customers.

Alternative arrangements.
Initial sketch of tubular framed machine.

Besides having to cope with a range of internal components the unit was to be mounted in a number of ways to blend into a number of different settings.

A system of 'stand- offs' was devised to allow an infinite range of configurations & internal dimensions.

This would allow individual units to be quickly altered or upgraded, on-site by simply swoping stand offs and infill panels.

Ticket dipensing roll.As ever a variety of initial concepts were sifted through, including this rolldispenser.

See also Mobile Box Office for the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. and Portable box office.

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