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Ultra compact cycle. Ticket machine.
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Entry in an international open ideas competition, to produce outline concepts for a passenger carrying machine of the future.
Low aspect ratio sports utility concept vehical, click to view next subject.
For efficient use of both fuel and infrastructure a practically packaged, ultra-llight vehicle with a very small frontal area is envisaged.4 wheel steering and a degree of weight shift (easier to achieve where weight tends to be distributed along the car's centreline) are introduced into the steering geometry, taming the resulting long, narrow wheelbase. For neutral handling and efficient use of space the power plant, a horizontal unit, is mounted at the unit's centre, beneath the higher middle passenger seats. The car is to have a light and airy feel achieved largely through the use of it's transparent/ translucent canopy, and an aircraft style 'head up' display. Also on an aeronautical note a single joystick control is used (like an aeroplane- push left to turn left, right for right, forward to accelerate, back to decelerate or brake).
Staggered seats with simplified joystick control for efficient packaging, click to view next subject.Construction is of a single composite monocoque tub. The dominant canopy is mounted above this tub, with side impact and roll bars expressively shown as a sub assembly behind the canopy. Suspension and running gear are assembled to, and accessed from, the tub's underside. This is achieved through the staggering of passenger seats, minimising wasted space within the cabin, and thus the car's size and weight.
Aircraft style canopy with expressive internal saftey cage, click to view next subject. Car may role & steer at both ends, improving stability and manuverability, click to view next subject.
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