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Spotlight. Outdoor office.
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Short listed entry in a national competition to design a mobile box office for Liverpool's Institute for Performing Arts . The brief was to design a temporary box office which could be moved around a theatre complex. The unit had to be foldable for storage. Accessible to the general public, wheelchair users had to be accommodated. The unit also had to be lockable.
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AIMS: Rather than producing a conventional 'box' behind which vendors are incarcerated it is an aim of this design to produce a secure, compact, free- standing piece of equipment around which operators can work amongst the public.
Functional Elements- keyboard, cash tray, V.D.U are arranged unobtrusively at their optimum heights within a central totem.
Sketch Model
Many thanks to Charles Davies of Dataculture

for his kind help and advice.
See also Ticket vending machine and portable ticket vending point.
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