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Cellnet mast. 'Beanie' light.
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The client . wanted an outdoor structure which could be rapidly erected in a wide variety of sites with the minimum amount of disruption. Versatility & quality of finish were of prime importance as the unit is to be used in a variety of situations including that of out door office.

single moulding capable of interlocking to form a single cell. These cells may in turn tessellate to form much larger structures, capable of snaking around existing site features.
A special fixing jig allows rapid and consistent assembly of all six segments.

A happy client relaxing in his creation.

First prototype: single skinned aviary, viewed from front..

Construction by Alfa Landscapes of Milton Keynes.
G.R.C mouldings by B.C.M Contracts Ltd of Shropshire.
Joinery by Woodstock Joinery, Bletchley.
Engineering consultants: Peter Weston & Paul Cresswell.
Registered design No 2074346

For further details contact Paul Goldie, Alfa Landscapes, Tel +44 (0) 1908 281 556, Fax +44 (0) 1908 584 886

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