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Letter box. Hydropod.
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piece of equipment for a children's playground.
Children (and adults) of different sizes, ages, and abilities, are able to play on an equal footing. Balls of various sizes are lobbed into the central funnel, from which they may exit from any one of six outlets. The aim is that whoever happens to be under the appropriate outlet gets to catch the ball.
A unique internal baffle allows smaller balls to be re directed through three flexible hoses around the unit's base. Basket ball hoops at several heights have also been incorporated.

Balls thrown through the funnel can come out from any side.

Various sizes of ball may be used.
Various Sizes of Balls may be used.
Commissioned by Milton Keynes Development Corporation.
Fabrication by Davroys of Tingrith.
Designed with Landscape Town and Country Limited.

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