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Entry in an open international ideas competition to find uses or Organic Light Emiting Diodes, an emergent technology in the field of low voltage lighting.

We share an intuitive need to shape our emmidiate environment. It is an object of this design to provide a means of allowing unforeseen results. Interlocking light emmiting 'scales' are joined by universal conectors, feeding power through the structure. These connectors are designed to give the user great flexibility, whilst making it impossible to feed the scales with incorect polarity. The modular nature of the concept is to allow an infinite diversity through the use of different combinations of elements. On a large grid individual scales are effectively wired in parrallel, power may be fed into any individual scales on the grid. Scales may vary in size whilst conforming to a master module, allowong apparantly fractal patterns to emerge from an apparantly ordered grid. An essentially flat form is to allow an even spread of light, although individual scales may vary in both colour and intensity. The intention is to sell the product as a sort of leggo of form and light.

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