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As governments across the globe are forced to take a hard look at transport policies, infrastructures are being radically reviewed. A pragmatic model of mixed use travel is emerging. A combination of private & public transport is actively promoted; the former being discouraged in built up/ residential areas where shorter journeys tend to take place. Zero emission vehicles are encouraged through heavily populated zones. Many journeys could combine a mixture of public, private and self powered transport, according to distances covered and areas visited.
The overall goal is to reduce total distances covered by petrol driven vehicles, particularly through zones which suffer from congestion and pollution. It is, therefore, a purpose of this design to produce a portable vehicle for short, intermediate, journeys to fit within the boot of a conventional car, to be easily carried on foot or public transport, and to use the minimum amount of space at it's destination.
A recumbent cycle with an ultra-short wheel base (for compactness and maneuverability) is intended for use within 'cycle only' zones, over short distances. Key features include variable gearing, via a cable and conical bobbin system, front and rear suspension, and an integral seat/ carrying strap (so the cycle can be simply picked up and carried, as well as just being folded, as is the case with conventional City bikes). When folded the machine fits within a very small envelope (200 x 350 x 430mm). The unique peddle system allows users of all sizes to use the cycle without having to make adjustments to saddle height, as is the case with a conventional 'diamond framed' machine.
A combination of clean moulded components, integral mudguards, and an enclosed gear train is intended to make the machine more attractive to riders wearing normal clothing. General construction is intended to avoid some of the labour intensive production techniques associated with conventional cycles. The frame uses light alloy die-castings and pressings, which are bolted together (rather than brazed or welded on a jig). Wheels are injection moulded (rather than 'laced' together using numerous threaded spokes). Fixing points for cables, handles, ecetera are incorporated in moulded components, reducing the parts list considerably.


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Cycle in use.
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