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Sundial. Watershed, Bristol.
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HOME PAGEA short listed entry in a national competition, to improve a much neglected section of Lincoln river's edge.
Dominated by the C12th High Bridge over the River Witham, with extensive re-development to the University Campus area, this link between old and new Lincoln has become much more important.

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Highbridge, Lincoln, click to view next page.

During the C16th High Bridge was known as 'Murder Hole' - it is believed that bodies dropped into the water would wash up at this spot. It now faces the New Lincoln University Campus across Brayford Pool & links the Campus area with the medievel High Street.

View looking away from High Bridge towards Brayford Pool. The site is now dominated by the flanks of 2 large department stores. View Towards Brayford Pool, click to view next page.

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