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Arcadia.   An alternative use for empty retail space.
Armillary.   A fully functional sundial in a Milton Keynes Park.
Atrium.   Suspended overhead feature to a hospital atrium
Barking.   A shortlited entry in a national competiton to design a Stile & Gate for a Sculpture trust.
Bee.   Steel Sculpture to a building.
Brighton Plinth.   Kinetic Sculpture.
Cembrit   International design competition, proposing use of glass reinforced cement panels, around central Helsinki.
Clock.   Proposed clock for an outdoor market.
Fibre- cement.   Proposed street furniture and shelters.
Fountain.   Proposed water feature to a hospital courtyard.
GloryHole,Lincoln.   A shortlisted entry in a national competition to develop a much neglected area of the city.
Goysei Arts Trail.   Entrance feature to a Milton Keynes Arts Trail.
Hoardings.   Proposed hoardings, illustrating the surrounding areas' history.
Kent Baton.   Entry in an open national competition, to design something for touring the Kent area.
Kinetic Sculpture.   Entry in an open national competition, to design something for a Brighton plinth.
Leicester Cultural Quarter.   Shortlisted entry in an open competition to design special features and street furniture to Leicesters' Cultural Quarter.
Romford Sundial.   Armillary sphere in laser cut stainless steel.
Rope Gates.   Sketch concept: Decorative gates of knotted stainless steel cable.
Stile.   A shortlisted entry in a national competition to design a gate & Stile to a Sculpture park.
Water-Clock.   Proposed featureto the foreground of Dublins' Docks.
WaterShed.   Proposed signage system to a multi- media centre.
Wind sculpture.   Proposed animated decoration.
Wind sock.   Proposed mechanical windsock.

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