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Commissioned by Taylor Wimpey, this functional sundial is at the heart of a recent housing development in Romford.
The armillary and it's surrounding text celebrates the musings of Romford poet France Quarles on the brevity of life.
GMT is laser cut in Roman numerals into the armillary band's upper edge, BST on the lower.

Read on this dial, how the shades devour My short-lived winter's day! hour eats up the hour; Alas! the total's but from eight to four.
Shade not that dial, night will blind too soon; My nonaged day already points to noon; How simple is my suit! how small my boon!

Romford Sundial
Fabrication: Twin Engineering, Milton Keynes. Landscape: Liz Lake Associates. Hardworks: Wimpy Taylor.
See also Campbell Park Armillary Sphere.

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