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Commissioned by Great Linford Parish Council, overlooking the site of The Gyosei International School, this work frames the school’s original foundation stone as it's focal point and in the future will itself be framed by a large Torii, or Japanese gateway. In the opposite direction it also overlooks The Grand Union Canal, which forms the spine of the Gyosei Art Trail, so has an additional function in mapping the Trail, highlighting the relative positions of other works. Several layers of stainless steel are digitally hewn into lazer cut fretworks- the first represents the Grand Union Canal. Sitting above it, a second shows surrounding footpaths in stylised form. Nested between them, a smaller photo-etched panel tells the sites story from the elevated vantage point. Simple discs mark the positions of other artworks, and may be added to as the trail evolves.
Gosei Comemmorative Stone
Stainless steel by Twin Engineering, Milton Keynes. Photoetching by Pristine Engraving, Shatterford, Worcester. Instillation by Manor Drives, Stony stratford, Miton Keynes.

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