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Shortlisted entry in open competition hosted by Leicester Creative Bussiness to design features for Leicesters' regenerating Cultural Quarter.
I identified two opportunites: Firstly a floor feature to tie in with the overall schemes' theme of 'threads' (ground markings used to link various key points on the site), secondly a sculptural form, also based on linear threads, giving functional seating and shelter.

Illustrated below is a proposed floor feature in fused glass, a process involving fusing granuales of coloured glass at high temperature. A system of strip lamps below the glass alows changes not only in intensity of light from below, but also in colour. These may react to the movement of passers by through sensors in the ground, or be remotely controled from the theatre building.

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Many thanks to Greg Anton of Craft Fusion for his advice on fused glass, and to Colin Sanders of Magic Fountains for his help and advice on interactive control systems.
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Combined shelter and seat.
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