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Kinetic Sculpture. Rope-gates.
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Entry to an open international design competition, to find uses for Cembrit glass reinforced cement products, in the context of Central Helsinki street furniture.

Street furniture
A system of lightweight glass fibre reinforced cement 'tiles' is used to provide fluid, adaptable avenues of movement, between various nodes of transport. It is an aim of this design to create more sheltered and intimate spaces within an otherwise very open landscape, in a manner capable of evolving and adapting to unforeseen changes in the areas use. It is hoped that semi- formal spaces within the new fabric would be used for social gatherings and events, such as street performances. New avenues of shelter are used to protect extensive quantities of planting, further softening the pedestrians immediate environment. These planted avenues also provide channels of infrastructure, for power and lighting to street vendors, who might be encouraged to use take advantage of new enclosed spaces, with numerous passing commuters. The roadside appearance of taller buildings may be effectively camouflaged by overhanging canopies, while cyclists, changing nodes of transport have dry shelters to lock their cycles to and pleasantly sheltered avenues leading to the railway platform.

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