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Entry in an international design competition.

This design is concerned with producing an adaptable vocabulary of components, and an approach capable of evolution, rather than a single concrete solution. The system's unifying feature is in the use of distinctive, colourful, semi- reflective vitreous enamel tiles, hung on armatures of galvanised mild steel. These armatures would bolt together in sections to allow components to be added, removed or replaced. Unique in appearance, vitreous enamel has the virtue of being famously robust, resistant to corrosion and graffiti (it is impervious to solvents, so can be readily cleaned). The concept is intended to allow almost endless variation on a single theme. Possibilities include subtle variations of colour in response to location, giving the visitor a sense of place. Above all individual installation's may be woven into and respond to their immediate surroundings. It is hoped to combine threads of continuity across the City with consistent variety. Individual elements could vary in overall form, the size & pattern of individual tiles, glaze & colour. The double skinned arrangement allows power, fibre optic lighting & data cables to be routed behind a protective outer skin. The infrastructure is to be capable of evolving & mutating as the City's requirements change & new technologies become available. Developments could include finely controlled fibre optic lighting systems, interactive touch displays and communication systems, or concepts yet to be conceived.

CAD generated 3D image.

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