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Small public aquare in London Submission to a biennale reapraising the modern City.
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Initial proposals to improve a small pocket of public open space within the London Borough of Camden.
Plan view of proposed hardworks to a small inner city square. Existing paving slabs are used as a framework for informal seating, planting, pergolas, floor features and other modules. These may be richly textured and fluid in form, acting as a foil to the square's more formal paving. This approach is intended to be highly versatile as individual slabs may be moved, removed and replaced as the site develops and as funds become available.

Shaped concrete is combined with selected stones, render and brick to form a highly robust informal seating unde the shelter of existing trees.

Another ariel view, this time showing an optional planted pergola. Other additional features included local street maps, in the form of sand cast paving slabs, uplighters and sections of planting, Trees, pergola, and hardworks viewed from above.
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