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A collaboration with Camell Arts Promotions' (artist Justin Neal and wood carver Jeremy Turner), to produce an engaging space within a well established English Wildlife Park.
It is possible to 'train' small species of deer to tolerate the presence of human beings allowing members of the public to experience these creatures at close quarters in their natural environment.
Situated on a steep embankment, the proposed layout was linear in character with an alternative winding path to provide a gentle gradient for wheelchair access. Items of sculpture are to be used to punctuate and define the trail.
Future enhancements include an ariel walkway, a stream leading to a drinking pond and a system of viewing mirrors.

Raised walkway and arts trail.  Raised walkway Special gates to prevent deer from escaping.
Water feature/ drinking pool. Special gates to prevent deer from escaping.
Forrested 'core' with concealed mirrors.Gimbaled mirrors used for viewing deer.
Shelters/ hides. Area of hides and sheltered seating.

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