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Deer trail. Proposed footbridge and ramps.
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Conceived for a 'blue sky' competition, to produce concepts for the future use of membrane structures.

Perspective of pneumatic membrane structures, woven into the landscape.
Most man made habitats are rigidly constructed to meet the perceived requirements of a fixed site at a finite point in time. Displacing, rather than accommodating our surroundings we squander space, and by extension resources. Such inflexibility propagates obsolete, compromised buildings.

Membrane weave forms a matrix of cells.Animated membrane structures, fluid in form, expand, contract and mutate in a constant state of metamorphosis. Enclosures mould around the terrain mingling with existing features of the surrounding landscape. Each outer shell is constructed from a multitude of identical cells. Overall form is dictated by differential pressure within individual cells, thus allowing boundless variety of form through the repetition of a single element.
Cross section through cellular structure.The highly insulated skin orientates itself for optimum solar gain or cooling. External form also shifts in harmony with a spaces internal function. Individual interiors may move, separate, or inter lock, allowing entire settlements to develop organically.

Animation of large structure in metamorphosis

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