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Chilter cycle trail. Childrens play area.
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A colourful caterpillar may hop from place to place, spreading the word widely. Its' belly would be the venue for a rolling series of events around London, the country or even the Globe. The premiss behind such a beast is that if you want to involve people you must reach out and engage them, and you canít get much more living or mobile than a traveling party. Static and interactive exhibitions, poetry readings, road-shows, public speaking events & concerts could all be hosted from what is hoped to be a twenty first century equivalent of the big top, announcing its' arrival through its' distinctive & colourful form. Capable of growing, shrinking, and wrapping itself into any available hollow, our caterpillar adapts itself to any chosen spot. Such a structure could be adapted to our most accessible of public open spaces- parks, Village Greens, public squares and sports stadia to name but a few. A soft, pliable outer skin opens up a number of possibilities in terms of surface texture, colour and backlighting- It is envisaged that the structure will have a tactile, animalistic quality, that will entice the casual visitor. The body is modular, individual segments along the chain may be removed or added to, according to the size of the venue or the nature of the event. It is possible that several caterpillars could conjoin to form a large and intricate structure, or that caterpillar may begat caterpillar.
Plan view Curled enclosure, plan view.
Open front, plan view.
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