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Open Air Theatre. Furzton Local Play 2.
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Earth- shaping with spacenet & embankment slide used to combine a sense of height with comparative saftey.   Furzton North Local Play 1 is a single component within Furzton North Local Park, a popular piece of public open space.
Linear in character, the park runs through a housing grid square, towards a balancing lake. It takes the form of a 'Redway' (Milton Keynes cycle/ leisure route), regularly punctuated with features such as viewing platforms, cycle tracks, kick-a-bout areas, horse trails and play areas.

This particular component occurs at an intersection between the linear route and the end of two vistas. At the end of each vista is raised viewing platform/ play space.
Equipment includes a specially constructed curved embankment slide and a 'spacenet' which, with careful earth shaping, gives a seven- metre viewing height, without compromising relevant safety standards.

Earth shaping with space net gives a viewing height of around 7M.
Vertical features exploited at the end of vistas.
Central vista.
Special embankment slide
Curved embankment slide.
Climbing wall.
A custom built timber climbing wall.
Hardworks by Martin's Plant Hire, Deanshanger.
Designed with Landscape Town & Country Limited.
Commissioned by Milton Keynes Development Corporation.

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