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Hoardings Signage to an old coaching town.
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Entry to an open national competition to design a feature to a large public atrium.
Colourful translucent banners float from a suspended network of rods and cables. These will subtly play with both natural and artificial light, and yet are of inexpensive non flammable clear plastic sheet, which may be bubbblejet printed from scanned artwork.

This versatile system will allow images from a huge variety of sources;- Photo archives, artwork from local schools and artists along with existing graphics can all add an intensive splash of colour to the atrium's heart.

Dynamic in character individual banners may be rapidly replaced, perhaps with topical graphics promoting forthcoming events.

Suspended banners viewed from above- click to view next subject
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Justin Tunley . Narrow Boat Teasel . T: 07905 822 381

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