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Sundial. Watershed, Bristol.
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Replica of Middle ages token Found items, for example pieces of indust archaeology (or replicas thereof) would be arranged within the foliage, for passers by to discover.
Many of these items could be commissioned from various artists, and would probably change over a long period of time.
Lighting (of particularimportance to this link between established & developing Lincoln) would be incorporated into the scheme along with other items of street furniture.
The planted framework could work its way around vertical murals & shallow relief's along the wall, breaking up the large surface area to the river's south bank.
Bench Seat Incorporated into Hardworks.
Commissioned Artworks- Model of Lincoln Castle The planted screen was to provide an unusually neutral screen to a diversity of artwork commissioned from a range of sources.
Spaces could be allocated to items on loan or rotation, & would change on a regular basis.
Directional signs to local landmarks would take on an illustrative character & be extended beyond the development.

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