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Entry into an open competition to regenerate some 90 hectares of redundant London Docks. The brief required designs that would attenuate water flow.
Birds-eye view
The key to this design is to provide an infinity of possibilities from a single, easy to man-handle component. This single component may be duplicated, arranged and re-arranged in response to conditions and use. The use of deliberately loose- fitting grids allows for expansion & distortion between individual pontoons, allowing serpentine, as well as rectilinear patterns in the water-scape. Spaces may even be temporarily expanded for public events. Floating walkways would touch the ground lightly, as they rise & fall with changes in water level. They can be used to help shelter and create richly biodiverse wetland habitats, whilst simultaneously giving public access to a normally inaccessible environment. Possible enhancements include street furniture, wind-breaks and shelters, commercial kiosks, comprehensive explanation panels (with unique QR codes, linked to dedicated smart-phone friendly web-pages), & special features (maybe a water-clock, for example?) to punctuate this new environment. It is hoped that engaging with the public will have an invaluable educational function, as well as encouraging local commercial activity.
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