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Photo- etched stainless steel plaque ilustrating early universal joint. Special shelter overlooks Hooke's Church at Willen. Photo- etched stainless steel plaque of flea, taken through early microscope.
Robert Hooke was perhaps the most forgotten genius of his era. After the restoration of Charles II in 1660 he became the curator to the newly funded Royal Society, and as such was a leading scientific figure of the period. Amongst other things he designed the universal joint; the air pump (a precursor of the internal combustion engine), & the anchor escapement for watches. Hooke's law is still prescribed reading for any school child.
He was one of the first people to use microscopes, publishing 'Micrographia' (Illustrations of unpleasant things greatly magnified) in 1665. In the process he gave the plant 'Cell' its name. In short it is surprising we don't see his face on U.K bank notes.
After the fire of London in 1666 he was appointed city surveyor to oversee the rebuilding of London, alongside Christopher Wren. Hooke designed many prominent Buildings. Sadly only Willen Church & his Monument to the Fire of London are known to survive.

When Milton Keynes Development Corporation commissioned a Park overlooking Hooke's Church it was decided that a central feature should celebrate the life of this remarkable man.
A one off shelter incorporated seating, plagues and text.

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