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ABTT Update (920K) Trade press article.
Appartment (930K)Space saving interior.
Ball Funel (1.2Mb) Play equipment.
'Beanie' Light (1.2Mb) Play equipment.
Brownswood Local Play 1 (1MB) Childrens play area.
Brownswood Local Play 3 (381K) Childrens play area.
Caldecotte Local Play 2 (1.3Mb) Childrens play area.
Caldecotte Local Play 1 (1.6Mb) Childrens play area.
Caldecotte Neighbourhood Play (365K) Childrens play area.
Caterpillar (1Mb) Concept of a moveable, mutatable events venue.
Chair (1Mb) Chair with side- wings.
Chenies' Woodland (3Mb) Special shelters in Chiltern woodland.
Communications mast (860K) A communications mast for a public park, CAD images in context.
Communications mast (2) (840K) A communications mast for a public park, alternative sketch design.
Crystal Egg (840K) A communications Device.
Curicuclum Vitae (2.5MB) Current C.V.
Darwin Gardens (1.63 MB) Public gardens.
Deer proof gates (804K) Self locking gates.
Door Handle (705K) fresh look at an every day item.
Electronic wallet (1.3Mb) Concept design.
Furzton Local Play 1 (1.6Mb) A Milton Keynes Play Area.
Furzton Local Play 2 (922K) A Milton Keynes Play Area.
Future Gardens (2.5MB) A prefabricated enterence feature.
Glass spine (486K) A blue sky competition entry.
Glory Hole (2MB) Shortlisted competition entry.
Hoardings (997K) Decorative enclosures.
Hospital atrium (728K) Proposed instalation.
Hydropods (1 Mb) Internal planters.
International Youth House (830Kb) Internal furniture.
Jordans guesthouse (920K) Cyclists shelters (Slated).
Jordans guesthouse (2) (980K) Cyclists shelters (Plain).
Jordans guesthouse (3) (943K) Cyclists shelters (Cables).
Kent Baton (915K) Proposed touring structure.
L.A Hub (2.8 Mb) Competition entry to design a central public open space.
Leicester Cultural Quater floor (823K) Illuminated external floor feature.
Leicester Cultural Quater combined shelter and seating (855K) Combined shelter and seating.
Letter boxes (855K) Letter boxes for a commercial foyer.
Light (650K) Bean bag shaped directional light.
Microbike (700K) Proposed ultra-compact folding cycle intended for short intermediate journeys.
Micro- Wheel (207K) Proposed ultra-compact folding scooter intended for short intermediate journeys.
Mobile box office (920K) A mobile box office for intermitant use at multiple venues.
New York High line, sheet 1 (1.5Mb) A competition entry.
New York High line, sheet 2 (1.5Mb) A competition entry.
Organic LEDs (1 Mb) A competition entry.
Pavilion (600K) Lightweight relocatable structure, for use at multiple venues.
Pergola- seat (1MB) Laser- cut pergola seat.
Picture House Cafe (2.2Mb) Hollywood themed fit out to a cafe.
Planters (256K) Hydroponic Plant Pots.
Play House (4.2MB) Proposed play demountable 'Wendy House'.
Play Structure (256Kb) Proposed play structure to a primary school.
Pneumatic structures (389K) Morphing structures
Radio case (3.7Mb) Customisable radio case.
Roundabout feature (1.2 MB) Proposed feature to a business park.
Romford Sundial (3.2 MB) Stainless steel sculpture.
Screens (370K) Flexible space dividers.
Shenley Church End Neighbourhood Play (1.6Mb) Play area.
Spitalfields (500K) Proposed feature.
Steel Bee (607K) Metal sculpture.
Summer pavilion (1.6Mb) Propposed demountable pavilion for a London arts centre.
Sundial (1.1Mb) Working sundial in public open space.
System built summerhouse (1.26Mb) Demountable structure.
System built summerhouse concepts (1.5Mb) Demountable structure- initial concepts.
System built summerhouse panorama (1.9Mb) Demountable structure- internal panorama.
Ticket machine (700Kb) Ticket dispensing machine.
Tripod light (190K) Adjustable light.
Urban Cycle (5.48Mb) Concept design.
Vertical features (453K) Communications masts on roundabouts.
Wallis Road (1.15Mb) Proposed pedestiran link.
Water- Clock (114K) Proposed dock-side water featuer.
Watershed (769K) Proposed signage system to a Bristol media centre.
Willen shelter (1.3Mb) Special feature, chronicaling the life of Robert Hooke.
Woburn deer trail (756K) Proposed wildlife trail.
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